Mobile hairdresser


Blow-dry    £9.50

Cut & Blow-dry    £13.50

Restyle & Blow-dry    £16.00

Shampoo & Set    £9.50

Cut, Shampoo & Set    £13.50

Wash & Cut    £10.00

Full Head -Tint    £22.50

Half Head - Foils    £29.50

Full Head - Foils    £39.50

Perm & Blow-dry    £25.00

Childs Cut    £7.50 (only with adult)

Coverage includes a wide selection of areas in and around the town of Ashford in Kent.

A professional, reliable and friendly mobile hairdresser service to your home.

I am always pleased to help customers, you are my business.

Please give me a call if you would like to discuss anything further

or require some help with specific product, service or price details.

A mobile hairdresser is ideal for those who are unable to make the journey to the town.

That can be through being too busy or due to health reasons, disability or elderly.

I am a very patient and caring individual who provides

the same level of service to all her customers in their home.

For your hair appointment please call Ashford - 07495 978 859

You can also link with me on Facebook and Twitter on the links on my home page.

Chic Mobile Hairdresser - Registered in Kingsnorth, Ashford, Kent

Ashford - 07495 978 859